About Us

We're strategists, engineers and,
direct marketing experts.

Combined, we have over a decade of experience in the marketing and software industry.
We create successful email campaigns to help you grow your business. 

Tanner Blumer
Founder & CEO

Software Engineer at Amazon turned start up entrepreneur. Loves software, systems and testing. Understands data and uses data science to drive sales. Follows Elon Musk on Twitter.
Jack Hynes
Chief of Operations

Muay Thai enthusiast and chemical engineer. Burns through 3 gallons of coffee a day to deliver the right prospects. Customer Satisfaction and results are the best rewards and motivation.
Natalie Turner
Head of Customer Success

Industrial engineer, recruiter, and tech writer. Always trying out new apps and beautifully crafted brands. Believes anything can be accomplished with a growth mindset.
Felicia Teng
Finance & Strategy Advisor

Consultant with more than 10 years of experience working with small as well as publicly traded Companies. Finds numbers comforting and hard problems requires great people.  
Paul Smallman
Customer Success Manager

Outgoing Individual. Was actively involved with athletics in high school and joined the Men's Water Polo Team. Major in a business-related field with some emphasis in environmental science.
Corbin Melnick
Lead Copywriter

Talented individual with almost 6 years of experience in copywriting for various companies and different industries. He plays the piano and guitar and also a vocalist!
Makayla Isabel
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Loves calendars and planners - anything to keep operations running efficiently and projects delivered on time. Believes it's good to invest in people in order to build strong and meaningful bonds.

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